Alex Jasiluek

"Alex excelled academically in high school and was his high school‘s class president, president of the debate club and spent time volunteering for local political campaigns. In his first year at Columbia, Alex maintained a GPA over 3.5 and was elected president of his freshman class. To build on his interest in politics, Alex worked for local campaigns in Oakland during his summer and plans to seek an internship in the political arena. Alex has been able to attend Columbia with $9,500 in support from Lumni"

Carla Hernandez

"Carla grew up in a working class family. After an early school expulsion, her friends and family told her she was going to end up like many others in her neighborhood – dropping out of school, getting into trouble, or getting pregnant."

Rena Stone

"Abandoned by a drug-addicted mother at birth and raised by her young cousin in one of the Bay Area's toughest neighborhoods, Rena faced abuse and violence during her younger years and found herself caught up with a gang. Despite this, Rena managed to pull herself out of each tough situation and worked hard to finish high school and get into Fisk University."
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